Mollies is one of my favourite as it is a very easy to keep and breed. There are various type of mollies available and with advance of technology, various type of hybrid mollies being created. Mollies come in various size and color, example red, silver and black. Mollies are a type of poeceliidae, which means they are livebearing fish. Mollies primary found in US and Mexico. It is very easy to differentiate between male and female. In general, various type of mollies can be kept together and they are peaceful type of freshwater aquarium fish. Mollies like hard, alkaline water which makes them a perfect fish to mature the aquarium. Normally aquarist will mix ratio of 1 male with 4 females in a tank. The common molly species are saifin molly, black molly, liberty molly, dalmation molly etc. Below are information about mollies.


the mollies

Characteristic Information
Adult size approximately 4-9cm depends on species
Origin US and Mexico
Water pH requirement 7 to 8.5
Water temperature requirement 20 to 25 Celcius
Water hardness requirement not more than 25 dH
Temperament peaceful
Breeding Difficulty Very easy
Food Flakes, blood worm, live food
Life span around 2 years
Scientific names peocilia latipinna ( sailfin molly), peocilia salvatoris ( liberty molly), peocilia sphenops (black molly)





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